he department is in the teaching of students Electronics – bachelor degree. The form of study is full time.

In this department work 14 teachers, including 1 professor, 6 associate professors, 3 major assistant professors PhD, 1 assistant professors PhD and 3 assistants.

The Department conducts research in the following areas:

Design and testing of electronic systems for measuring, monitoring and improving process parameters;
Analysis and modeling of electronic systems and methods for control PLC;
Industrial communications and security of transmitted data;
Sensor networks and systems;
Design and testing of computer-based measurement systems;
Development of integrated information systems databases in various fields and areas;
Correction algorithms for operation of smart metering systems in static and dynamic modes;
Modeling and testing of the humoral and cell mediated immune response against viral infections;
Testing of the components of the microprocessor system;
Holomorphic functions on almost complex manifolds and harmonic almost Hermitian structures;
Mathematical modeling of heat and mass transfer processes, analytical and numerical methods for solving heat and mass transfer problems, computer programming tasks of heat and mass transfer;
Technology and evaluation of energy efficiency equipment for heat and mass transfer processes, models and computer systems for the energy assessment.

The department maintains close links with industry in the region and similar departments in other universities in the country.